6 Myths Uncovered About Swimsuits

  1. The Myth: Swimsuits with ruffles and patterns should be chosen by women with athletic body types.

 The Reality: Do not fret!. We suggest going with a more sleek suit that has curve-enhancing details, for example seaming and cutouts.

  1. The Myth: All small-busted women need padding for an extra boost.

The Reality: SO not true... Smaller-chested women can rock anything that would normally look risqué on other body types. Look for deep necklines and bustier tops and embrace what you've got!

  1. The Myth: Big-busted women should wear only one-pieces.

 The Reality: Just because you have a big bust area doesn't mean you have to be fully covered up. Tops with adjustable straps and extra support will be best suited for your body type.

  1. The Myth: Never wear a white bathing suit.

 The Reality: Who ever came up with this is an idiot LOL. I absolutely love white swimsuits; they look amazing in the sun. As long as your white bathing suit has a nude lining it will block any show through. Flaunt it honey!

  1. The Myth: The more coverage, the better.

 The Reality: Extra fabric emphasizes the imperfections you may be trying to hide. String bikini adjusts to lay flat on the skin versus boy shorts that can exaggerate and squeeze excess flesh.

  1. The Myth: Wear black to look slimmer.

The Reality:Tiny prints and diagonal and vertical stripes are alternatives that can make the body look more slim. Different colors like navy, plum, brown, and dark green can do the trick as well.

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